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84 Comments for “Testimonials”

  1. Ranie says:

    Hi dear…receive my order odi. i loveesssss it πŸ˜‰

  2. Maria Nasri says:

    appletini mist baru je smpai td :) ambik masa shari je.bau dia best gila.thnks β™₯ box tu pun lawa :*

  3. Liyana Ibrahim says:

    Hi…I’m satisfied with ur service,truly..btw, ur product safely reach my door yesterday… Thank u very much πŸ˜€

  4. Rita says:

    Bought Victoria’s Secret gift set at a very low price. vref101 was the only blogshop that sell these gift. love it! Seller is very friendly too.

  5. Kim says:

    Young yet successful entrepreneur! cheers!

  6. Dina says:

    Just received d item. Thks a lot for your promptness & nice doing business with you :)

  7. Lydia says:

    very nice and updated blog indeeeedd πŸ˜‰

  8. Farah says:

    Hi Mia. Received already d thing. m vry stisfied wit d product n u r awesOme!!hehee

  9. amira i says:

    awesome product, great service and nice packaging. kudos to vref101 :)

  10. smsizhan says:

    i can give 6 stars over 5 to vref101 because of its prompt service and give me a very good product that totally satisfied me. your perfume make me smell so good everyday. i am very impress when i know about this blogshop. your price is very cheap and very reasonable for all people especially student. i also promote your product to my family because i know that your product quality is very good. you have a great range of products and i am confident that your vref101 will open a shop one day instead of blogshop :). goodluck Mia in your blogshop!

  11. Jams says:

    good services and love the items xoxo :)

  12. Azim says:

    im satisfied with the service, top notch

  13. Amira says:

    Prompt service and very satisfied! Parcel was well wrapped. thank you

  14. Mardiana says:

    Very good service, cpt smpi spt yg dijanji. sy puas hati.

  15. Noraziahni says:

    Hia Mia… I already get my items..love it..hehe..thanx

  16. Kat Lazaro says:

    To VREF 101 excellent service and very customer friendly. Till my next transaction and i would love to recommend you with my friends. keep it up =)

  17. Norza says:

    Sy suka body mist tu. skg ni susah nak cari , smua fantasies.

  18. sofiya says:

    Since the 1st time i tried the product. i keep buying perfume from VREF101. its totally satisfying and 2 thumbs up for the product.

  19. Cho says:

    Good seller, bought from the seller for 3 VS perfumes with affordable price, all the smells are good, they have tons of different scents, it makes me hard to decide which is the best, so i randomly pick 3, and my GF like it. =)

  20. navid says:

    It’s nice to find this website . Hope to improve the facility and get more products.

  21. Gg says:

    I’m a huge fans of VS!
    this page help me a lot 2 to gain more info regarding new product from VS.

    With VS you only have to ride a BUS:

    Buy- Use – Share! Because its fantastic and superb!
    Love VS <3! thumbs up

  22. Irna :) says:

    I love VREF101 because Mia is cooolll liddat ! πŸ˜€

    Okay serious,
    or else shes gonna kill me.
    Products are in good condition.
    and the service is very tip to the top !
    Sincerely from your loyal customer. LOL :)

  23. anehs says:

    mia is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  24. Zalee says:

    Thank you for your prompt respond

  25. Nic says:

    Awesome service and great product. Its very affordable too and the more you purchase, you can get more discount…

    Everyone should try this out…=)

  26. Nic says:

    Awesome service and great product. Its very affordable too and the more you purchase, you can get more discount…

    Everyone should try this out…=)

  27. Faren Zori says:

    I just love VS. It smells good. =)

  28. Anis says:

    Fast service! next day receive the mist already. thank you

  29. FALIQ says:

    Bought Pure Seduction, Love Spell and Secret Charm. Love it! :)

  30. mazu says:

    Overall, excellent service ~very friendly & helpful

    Delivery was fast..

    i’m very satisfied with d service provided! =)

  31. Nadzira Nadziro says:

    i got gift from my bf(Arief Abu Bakar) which he bought from VREF 101.. its so cool.. i love the smell… perfect gift.. <3

  32. Nadzira Nadziro says:

    i got gift from my bf which he bought from VREF 101.. its so cool.. i love the smell… perfect gift.. <3

  33. Nada says:

    Monday order, Wednesday received the product already. Awesome! The product has been handle with care. Really satisfied. Thumbs up!

  34. aynn says:

    vref101 superbbb!
    fast delivery and the item is in a good condition.
    thanks! <3

  35. Amir says:

    Two thumbs up!

  36. farah d says:

    excellent service, add more stocks and i’ll def buy more ! :)

  37. Won won says:

    For VREF 101..after i hav tried ur product..i really feel tat it is nice n excellent~i’m surprise greatly for ur service~
    hope tat i cn tried sumthing new product from VREF 101..
    Love ur product so much =)

  38. Arief says:

    Excellent service from VREF 101. Recommended!

  39. Nabila says:

    5 stars for Vref101 !!

  40. Noor Hajer says:

    awesome website. it’s so cool and user friendly. and the products are very interesting too. πŸ˜‰

  41. Masturina says:

    to The vref101’s owner..here is only a lil thing for me to let you know ..firstly about the services..i’m quite proud of it because of you got a lot of talent since u could explain the fully information about the Victoria Secret’s products when i was seeking of for the body mist …and i love the way u treat the customers also the way you advertise your product!! last,i’m glad for having a super huge discount if im buying a lot of it!! cool!

  42. wiyana says:

    one word, awesome!

  43. ifah Othman says:

    thanks to VREF, i have the awesome-est scents from Victoria Secret. And thankfully its not fake items, its 100% original so i LOVE your products. two thumbs up!

  44. Eu Gene says:

    there are no problems with the product. and its satisfying

  45. Eu Gene says:

    The service is very good,the product is fast to get…eventhough its a little expensive,its still worth the buy.There a

  46. Mandy Lo says:

    Excellent seller and cool price. The more quantity I buy , the cheaper I get. Also, they ship very fast and the packaging is nice. I’m very satisfied.
    One word : Trustworthy!

  47. sharifah says:

    sangat cepat ,selesa dan mesra pelangga

  48. I’ve purchased a product from VREF 101 , the delivery was fast .. yet i found the product itself was satisfying , delicate and original. :) i’d love to purchase more quality products from VREF 101 in the future , peace ~ !

  49. Hasmah says:

    Good service and love victoria’s secret product ! =)

  50. tolanic says:

    Welcome to VREF 101!

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